San Antonio, Texas Construction Law Attorneys

Johnson, Christopher, Javore and Cochran, Inc., understands the construction business. With more than 90  years of combined legal experience practicing construction law in Texas, attorneys Gary W. Javore, Stephen G. Cochran and Nicholas Tamsma can help you build solutions to the problems affecting your residential, commercial, industrial or public development projects.

The firm handles construction disputes for a wide variety of clients, including contractors, property owners, developers, architects, engineers, construction companies, and subcontractors. The firm’s experienced team of construction lawyers advocate for their clients’ interests in court, mediation, and arbitration and are dedicated to providing clients with the best possible results.

JCJC Law has also utilizes its experience in formulating some of the most comprehensive and battle-tested contract packages for builders in the State of Texas. From sales or construction contracts to subcontractor agreements, these packages include the essential addendums, notices, and optional provisions needed to streamline sales, clarify obligations, and limit legal risks.

Handling construction disputes for more than a combined 90 years 

 Johnson, Christopher, Javore and Cochran, Inc.’s Texas construction law attorneys help clients avoid and resolve construction disputes in the following areas:

  • Architectural and engineering errors
  • Contract disputes
  • Collections and payment disputes
  • Insurance coverage
  • Construction defect claims
  • Mechanic’s liens

Architectural and engineering conflicts 

 Errors and omissions in site plans can severely affect the progress of your project. The firm has extensive experience handling these disputes from many angles, and protects the interests of our clients–contractors, owners, architects and engineers—when conflicts of this nature arise.

Contract disputes 

 Construction projects often require the signing of countless contracts to secure access to labor and materials. When one of these contracts is breached, it can cause havoc on your work site. Johnson, Christopher, Javore and Cochran, Inc. ensures clients get the compensation and services they need to finish their projects on time. The firm also helps clients draft and review contracts to protect their interests in the future.

Collections and payment disputes 

 The firm handles all situations involving payment disputes, including:

  • Bid contests, mistakes and protests
  • Collections
  • Non-payment for extra work
  • Surety bond claims
  • Stop notices
  • Work stoppages and delays
  • Writs of attachment
  • UCC Liens

In addition to the dynamic collection disputes outside of court, JCJC Law has experience obtaining judgements, locating assets, and collecting funds when the issue is forced. The firm also represents property developers and owners, helping them efficiently defend against unjustified claims brought against them.

Insurance coverage 

 Insurance companies often cause serious problems during the construction process. If an insurance company has denied or disclaimed your coverage, Johnson, Christopher, Javore and Cochran, Inc. have the tools and knowledge to hold insurance companies accountable for their obligations.

Construction Defect Claims 

 The firm has extensive experience in addressing construction defect claims both in residential and commercial construction.  The attorneys are proactive in attempting to resolve claims before they get to litigation.  But if the parties are unable to resolve the dispute, they are aggressive in pursuing and defending claims in litigation/arbitration.

Mechanic’s liens 

 Johnson, Christopher, Javore and Cochran, Inc. helps contractors and material suppliers draft, serve, file and enforce mechanic’s liens against property developers and owners to ensure payment for the services that were rendered. The firm’s lawyers also represent contractors, developers and owners, helping them vacate improper or exaggerated liens brought against them.

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